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What they're saying about Sarah

"Sarah is the type of spirited, creative person, I am honored to have worked with.  She enjoys learning and is an intelligent, hard working person.  She commits herself to problems with a unique and endearing sense of humor.  Most of all, Sarah is a friendly and respectful young lady who enjoys helping others."  -Jon Little, MSU Scene Shop Supervisor, Technical Director 
"Sarah has great potential. She certainly does try to think through each possible issue related to various areas. She juggles conflicts and potential snafus with aplomb. Sarah has matured in terms of her role of SM as leader rather than peer who has insider information. She is entirely efficient and thoroughly wonderful in terms of the basics of stage management."  -Rob Roznowksi, Director of Stage Door at the Pasant Theatre
"Ms. Ackerman has proven to be a valuable assistant, engaged student, as well as a dedicated stage manager who has shown passion for the professional industry as well as true grit when it comes to a career choice. ”. One personality trait that comes to mind when I think of Sarah is determined. She is determined to have a life in the arts. She is determined to make and maintain professional connections, and she is determined to be a professional stage manager."
-Tina Newhauser, Stage Management Mentor/Arts and Cultural Management Instructor
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