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Stoney Creek Theatre Company

Director of Technical Theatre: Sarah Ackerman

Artistic Direction by Steven Book

For the last 6 years, Sarah has acted as the director of technical theatre at Stoney Creek High School producing 2 plays and 1 musical every season. She teaches sound, lights, props, house management, stage management, wig/makeup design, scenic art, advertising and set design to 50 technical theatre students. She also leads acting warmups, games and stages one musical number in the show every year. 

"Teaching theatre is one of my most fulfilling contracts because it allows me to grow as an artist and pass on the knowledge I was given at this transformative age to students who are trying to find their place in today's society. Having the opportunity to watch each individual student grow and change over the past 4 years has been truly remarkable. I strive to show them that it is possible to have a career in the arts and that it's important to follow your passion no matter what it may be." 

Upcoming Production-Les Misérables

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